England Flag Rug / 英國旗地毯

Type: Area Rug
Size: 4′ X 3′
Color: Blue, Red, White
Thickness: 12mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Shape: rectangular
Cutting: Carving along all line
Production time: 14 days

England Flag Rug
The feature is the part of italic England Flag pattern, which make the carpet look more like a mordern linear pattern and it also keep the feeling of England Flag. Carving cutting is applied between the line of differnet colors making the line more sharp.

這張地毯的特式是斜體的英國旗圖案,並不是整個的展示,看起來似線條圖案又不失英國旗的感覺。顏色之間的線條都用了Carving ,令線條更加明顯。

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