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Camouflage Door Mat / 迷彩門口地毯

Size:  600mm X 350mm
Color: Mutli-color
Thickness:  15mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Camouflage Pattern
Quantity: 1 pc
Production time: 14 days

Camouflage is a very popular pattern, which can be applied for carpet in any size and shape. The camouflage colors could be changed and matched on your’s choice.
This carpet is handtufted by pure wool. Quality is very well with accurate carving, it could  achieve very good result in different pattern.


Home Door Mat / 家居門口地毯

Door MatSize:  1600mm X 400mm
Color: Black and White
Thickness:  15mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Text
Quantity: 2 pieces
Production time: 20 days (2012-07-27  to 2012-08-15)

Very simple and elegant door mat by adding your name on the carpet.  The carpet is made by handtufted wool, which can easily make your favourite pattern and text on the carpet, even it is in small size and quantity. It could be a special gift for family, relatives, friend…etc

Wools are nature and comfort, you can touch and laying down especially for the children. Many people are worry about the cleaning of the wool carpet. Vacuuming is a very effective way for domestic carpet cleaning.


Shaggy Carpet / 長毛地毯

shaggy silk carpetShaggy Carpetshaggy silk carpet




We also provide shaggy rug custom made service.
Which is made by synthetic silk, the quality is comparable to natural silk.
The thickness and density could be custom made as need and several colors
mixed together to enrich the carpet.

長毛地毯厚度最少為25mm, 由人造絲造成,質量可媲美真絲!


About Carpet Cleaning | 關於地毯清潔

Carpet CleaningHOW TO CLEAN CARPET ?
Vacuum is the most effective way. It can clean up all the dust and keep the carpet clean.
As soiled, carpet cleaner needed, you can buy from supermarket.

Don’t put wool rug in washing machine. it will make the wool separated from the base. Some carpet claimed to be washable, as they are made by Man-made fibers only.

For very large area carpet( e.g residential, hotel, restaurant, Club house), professional carpet cleaning company is a good choice for large-scale wall to wall carpet.




Why custom made a carpet ? / 為什麼選擇訂造一張地毯?

It is often difficult to find a right size of carpet with favourite color and pattern in the market. Because every family is differnet in size and furnishings. Why don’t custom-made it ?

Cutom made a carept is no longer a complicated process now and can fully take control on the size, pattern and  color combination. And there is no limitation on size, pattern and color.

We ship to worldwide.
With the fastest 14 days production time, final product will be shipped directly to assigned  addresss.




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