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The Flow Area Rug

Size : 2250mm X 2250mm (54 sq.ft)
Thickness : 12 mm
Material: 5.5lbs New Zealand Wool
Cut/Loop: All cut pile

這是一張很好的例子, 手織地氈怎樣做出漸變的效果。

This is an example how a handtufted rug make a flowing ink.
To form gradient, it needs a set of similar tone yarns.
It is complex process for a handtufting carpet.

What a supreme rug !

Color: Red , Black
Thickness:  12mm
Material:  New Zealand Wool , Nlyon
Pattern : Text
Production time: 28 days

A clear and simple english text rugs.


Size: 3800mm (Diameter)
Color: Beige, Brown, Red
Thickness:  12mm
Material:  5.5 lbs Nylon
Pattern : Linear
Quantity: 1pc
Production time: 21 days

Handtufted Nylon carpet has same thickness and texture with handtufted wool carpet.
Nylon carpet is easy to maintain and don’t need vacuum very often.
But the comfort of nylon is not as good as wool.