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Shaggy Carpet / 長毛地毯

shaggy silk carpetShaggy Carpetshaggy silk carpet




We also provide shaggy rug custom made service.
Which is made by synthetic silk, the quality is comparable to natural silk.
The thickness and density could be custom made as need and several colors
mixed together to enrich the carpet.

長毛地毯厚度最少為25mm, 由人造絲造成,質量可媲美真絲!


Green Round Rug / 綠色圓形地毯

Round Green RugSize: 4 ft (Diameter)
Color: Green
Thickness: 14mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Plain Color
Production time: 11 days (2012-02-18  to 2012-02-29 )


This is a simple plain color rug in round shape. It is relatively difficult to find round rug in the market.  Round rug is fexible in usage and suitable in any place (bedroom, living room …etc). With a 6.5lbs pure wool surface, it is very thick and comfortable to step on.

Ape Irregular Area Rug /猿人地毯

Size: 1600 X 900mm
Color: 2 colors
Thickness: 12mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Ape Graphic
Production time: 14 days

Bathing Ape Area Rug
Custom-made carpet could be in any shape. This is a irregular shape area rug with a very famous bathing ape on it. The edge is very smooth and sharp.

Bathing Ape 猿人地毯

Why custom made a carpet ? / 為什麼選擇訂造一張地毯?

It is often difficult to find a right size of carpet with favourite color and pattern in the market. Because every family is differnet in size and furnishings. Why don’t custom-made it ?

Cutom made a carept is no longer a complicated process now and can fully take control on the size, pattern and  color combination. And there is no limitation on size, pattern and color.

We ship to worldwide.
With the fastest 14 days production time, final product will be shipped directly to assigned  addresss.




Round Checker Rug / 圓形格仔地毯

Circular Checker RugSize: 500mm (diameter)
Color: Black
Thickness: 25mm
Wool: 8.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Checker pattern
Production time: 14 days (2011-12-12 to 2011-12-26)

Round Checker Rug
This is our latest product. The feature is the 3 dimensional checker with 25mm thickness, Which is much thicker than normal carpet and  make the carpet extra comfort.
The combination of ciruclar shape and check pattern also achieve a nice effect.