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Pigeon illustration Area Rug

Handtufted Pigeon Area Rug
Size : 2350mm X 1900mm (49 sq.ft)
Colour : Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Grey
Thickness : 15mm
Material: 6.5lbs New Zealand Wool
Cut/ Loop: All Cut pile

這是一幅由Lo Cole繪畫的插畫, 名為Can Colombia’s Centre Hold ?
線條經Carving 處理令地氈甚俱立體感。


What a supreme rug !

Color: Red , Black
Thickness:  12mm
Material:  New Zealand Wool , Nlyon
Pattern : Text
Production time: 28 days

A clear and simple english text rugs.

Living Room Area Rugs

Size: 10.5′ X 9′
Color: Blue, Beige
Thickness:  15mm
Material: 6.5 lbs Wool + Bamboo Fibre
Pattern : Linear
Quantity: 1pc
Production time: 28 days

A living room area rugs with a elegant linear pattern. Made by New Zealand wool and Bamboo fibre making the color more rich. texture more comfortable. And the carpet is more durable as well.


Flower Area Rug / 花圖畫大廳地氈

Size:  3200mm X 1800mm
Color: Mulit-colors
Thickness:  15mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Flowers Drawing
Production time: 21 days

This is an very elegant area rug with some flower and plant pattern. Very detailed design applied color gradient effect makes it more like a painting. Several layers cutting also make the carpet more 3D dimensional. Wool handtufted carpet can achieve various results.


Polaroid Camera Rug / 寶麗萊相機地氈

Size:  1200mm X 900mm
Color: Black & White
Thickness:  12mm
Wool: 5.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Irregular camera sharp
Quantity: 1 pc
Production time: 17 days

This is a Polaroid camera sx-70 shape’s rug. The client is a camera favorites with many camera collected at home. This little rug is prefect match as the showroom. With a “Hello” on the carpet, it also means welcome to every visitor.  What a wonderful design.

這是一張寶麗萊sx-70形狀的地氈,設計師是一名相機愛好者,這少少的地毯放在收藏相機的房間,培添氣氛。特別用上HELLO 字句,向每位來參觀的客人表示歡迎的意思,實在是一個不錯的構思。

Camouflage Door Mat / 迷彩門口地毯

Size:  600mm X 350mm
Color: Mutli-color
Thickness:  15mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Camouflage Pattern
Quantity: 1 pc
Production time: 14 days

Camouflage is a very popular pattern, which can be applied for carpet in any size and shape. The camouflage colors could be changed and matched on your’s choice.
This carpet is handtufted by pure wool. Quality is very well with accurate carving, it could  achieve very good result in different pattern.


Home Door Mat / 家居門口地毯

Door MatSize:  1600mm X 400mm
Color: Black and White
Thickness:  15mm
Wool: 6.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Text
Quantity: 2 pieces
Production time: 20 days (2012-07-27  to 2012-08-15)

Very simple and elegant door mat by adding your name on the carpet.  The carpet is made by handtufted wool, which can easily make your favourite pattern and text on the carpet, even it is in small size and quantity. It could be a special gift for family, relatives, friend…etc

Wools are nature and comfort, you can touch and laying down especially for the children. Many people are worry about the cleaning of the wool carpet. Vacuuming is a very effective way for domestic carpet cleaning.


Cartoon Area Rug / 卡通地氈

Size:  1500mm X 800mm
Color: 8 colors
Thickness:  10mm
Wool: 5.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Cartoon (Irregular Shpae)
Production time: 6 days (2012-05-18  to 2012-05-24)

This is a very lovely cartoon area rug for daughter’s room. The drawing is provided by the client. We can accurately make it become carpet, even it is in irregular shape. The carpet is complete in 6 days and definitely a fastest record so far. If you are planing to put a carpet at home, you may consider custom made once.


Zebra Pattern Rug / 斑馬紋羊毛地氈

Linear Wave pattern in Black, Grey and White colors create an Zebra-like pattern and   even colorful than just black & white line. This is a very popular carpet pattern and could  be applied in all shape e.g rectangular, square, round rug …etc. The Linear Wave pattern is contemporary and match with modern interior decoration. If you are looking for a carpet ? you may think about this pattern la !

黑、白、灰三色波浪線條做出近似斑馬紋的效果,但比只是黑白色更豐富,是頗受歡迎的地毯圖案。無論是長方形, 正方或圓形地毯都做出時尚簡潔的感覺,亦容易配襯室內裝潢。大家不妨考慮一下斑馬紋圖案呢!