Polaroid Camera Rug / 寶麗萊相機地氈

Size:  1200mm X 900mm
Color: Black & White
Thickness:  12mm
Wool: 5.5 lbs 100% wool
Pattern : Irregular camera sharp
Quantity: 1 pc
Production time: 17 days

This is a Polaroid camera sx-70 shape’s rug. The client is a camera favorites with many camera collected at home. This little rug is prefect match as the showroom. With a “Hello” on the carpet, it also means welcome to every visitor.  What a wonderful design.

這是一張寶麗萊sx-70形狀的地氈,設計師是一名相機愛好者,這少少的地毯放在收藏相機的房間,培添氣氛。特別用上HELLO 字句,向每位來參觀的客人表示歡迎的意思,實在是一個不錯的構思。

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